Sunday, April 22, 2012

T-Shirt Fundraiser

We are SO CLOSE to our fundraising goal (thank you to everyone that has donated!), but we still have a little way to go.  Jer and I started racking our brains to come up with an idea for a fundraiser and we hope you will like our final decision.

Jer and I decided that we are going to sell custom T-shirts... but not just any shirt, one that has meaning for the LLS.  Personally, I think the design is pretty cool though I may be a bit biased considering Jer came up with it.  He designed it after seeing a similar piece of art that created a bike using various words related to bike parts.  In order to translate this idea to our fundraiser we thought it would be powerful to replace the technical terms of the original design (Cassettes, Handle Bar, Derailleur, etc.) with words that were meaningful to the LLS and its mission to support patients and blood cancer research. After thinking it over for a few weeks, he sketched out a design and we are happy to finally announce that we are ready to sell the shirts!

We would like to give a special thank you to our friend Jayme who took Jer's sketch and turned it into a digital copy.  Without her this project wouldn't be a reality.  Thanks Jayme!

We recently received the final design from the silk screener that will be printing the shirts for us... we really like it and hope you will too.  Here is a mock up of our shirt:

The shirts are made of a moisture-wicking microfiber, so they will be great for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. All of the shirts will have the same white print on the front regardless of the shirt color or size.  We have a number of options for you (see below for details on types and colors).  The short sleeve shirts will be $13.00 and the long sleeve shirts will be $15.00.  If you would like to have a closer look at the shirts, you can see them on (the Men's and Women's Performance Tec Tee's).

Orders will be taken through May 4th, 2012.

Men's Shirts Available:
        Sizes: Small through 2XL
        Short Sleeve: Steel Gray
        Long Sleeve: Steel Gray

Women's Shirts Available:
        Sizes: Small through 2XL
        Short Sleeve: Steel Gray
        Long Sleeve: Purple**
                **Gray wasn't an option so we had to pick another color

We are no longer accepting orders. Hope you got you order in on time!

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