If you've ever wondered what kind of gear you need to get started as a cyclist, look no more.

Bike (Depends on your body, so get measured first)
Pedals and Cleat Set (Most road bikes do not come with pedals)
Replacement Cleats (For when the cleats that came with your pedals wear out)
Cycling Shoes
Padded Shorts
Warm Weather Gloves
Cool Weather Gloves
Cold Weather Gloves
Cycling Jersey
High Visibility Jacket (Good anytime the temperature is below 60)
Base Layer
Wool Socks (For the cold days in the wind)
Cold Weather Tights (For the cold days in the wind)
Shoe Covers (Keep the rain out on the wet days, and your feet warmer on the cold days)
Toe Covers (Sometime you need to keep the wind out on those cooler days, cycling shoe breath well)
Arm Warmers (When you start riding and its cool, but might want to strip down layers later)
Leg Warmers (When you're not sure if you will need tights on all day long)
Helmet Cover (Blocks the wind/rain on the cool and cold days of the year)
Balaclava (Keep you warmth in on the very cold days. I'd say 45 degrees or below)
LED Tail Light
LED Head Light
Water Bottles
Seat Bag (To hold your spare tubes, patch kit, compressed air, car key, chap stick, etc.)
Patch Kit
Spare Inner Tubes
Chain Lube
Floor Pump

Optional Improvements
Handle Bars

Wish List

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