Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Muscle Relaxants and Pain Relievers

The training certainly has taken a toll on my body. However, not as much as spreading mulch. I ordered 5 yards of mulch about two weeks ago. They came and dumped it in one huge pile on my driveway. Each evening, I was spreading a few wheel barrow loads around the house. I was fine, until I tried to toss it up onto the hill behind our house, then I ran into trouble. Well, apparently I did something to my neck/shoulder muscles. A few days ago I woke up with severe pain in my neck and shoulder. I could hardly move. I rolled myself out of bed and drove to the local urgent care clinic. After a quick examination by the doctor, I was diagnosed with muscle spasms. I was just happy it wasn't caused by a pinched nerve, or a ruptured disc. The doctor wrote me a script for some muscle relaxants and pain relievers. They've done the trick so far, but I don't think I could ride 40+ miles with these in my system. I'm only taking them on off days, and booking some time with a Physical Therapist to help work out my muscle issues. I'll be fine. I'm drinking fluids/electrolytes, and taking lots of Advil.

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