Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seventh Group Ride (Spooner Jr)

Saturday's group ride was postponed to Sunday due to an ugly rainy forecast. I'm so glad that it was, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day in Boiling Springs. Jenelle and I went for the longest ride yet, a 36 mile loop that took us up to the King's Gap Mansion.

This week we had the opportunity to ride with our good friend, Chris. He is training for a 500 mile ride that goes from Virginia, through West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, ending in New Jersey. He kept us moving the entire ride, and at times I struggled to keep up with him. I certainly would not have finished as quickly as I did if it wasn't for Chris creating a nice draft that helped pull me back to the parking lot.

King's Gap Climb
This ride was intended to prepare us for Spooner in Tahoe. King's Gap is a 3.5 mile climb to the top, while Spooner is a bit steeper, about twice the distance, and occurs at mile 81 on the course. Gulp. After this gruelling ride, its hard to believe we'll be climbing the mountains of Tahoe in 61 days.

We are making progress on our fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We knew going into this, that fundraising $8,200 would be a tall order. As of this morning, we only need to raise $1,700 more for the LLS. Thank you everyone who has helped us get to this point! We know its not easy to write that check, and we appreciate all of your generous donations. We need to meet this minimum before the end of May! So, if you haven't donated yet, please do in the next couple weeks. Click here!

Gabriela at King's Gap

Coach Kui

Enjoying the view after a long climb
Boiling Springs

Ride Stats
Total distance: 58.14 km (36.1 mi)
Moving time: 2:23:36
Average moving speed: 24.29 km/h (15.1 mi/h)
Max speed: 48.00 km/h (29.8 mi/h)
Elevation gain: 722 m (2369 ft)

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  1. WOOOOO! You are guys are doing so great. Those mountains are gonna be a piece of cake...

    Right now I'm watching swimming on tv. Sis, I'm glad biking is more important to you than swimming. It's a much more attractive sport. We'll leave it at that.